Create unlimited sliders with unlimited slides.

Fol­low the steps to crea­te sliders.

1. Go to “itrans Slider” on your dash­board menu items.
2. Crea­te Categ­ori­es for mul­tip­le slider.
3. Add slides for the sliders (slide fea­tu­red image is used as slide image) .
4. Open the page with edi­tor whe­re you want to insert the slider.
5. Place your cur­sor whe­re you want the slider and insert the short­co­de via [tx] but­ton.

Shortcode options

Slider Sty­le : Cur­rently we have only defa­ult sty­le, in futu­re we will keep adding other sty­les.
Slider Cate­gory : For cate­gory bas­ed slider (in-case you are using mul­tip­le sliders with dif­fe­rent slides).
Num­ber Of Items : Num­ber of slides in a slider.
Delay : Time bet­ween slides.

Example Slider

[tx_slider style=“default” category=“food” delay=“8000” items=“4”]

The code will look like :

[tx_slider style="default" category="food" delay="8000" items="4"]

[tx_spacer size=“32”]

Use the slider as page slider on top

Find meta sec­ti­on “page Head­ing Opt­ions” bel­low page edi­tor and insert the short­co­de in the field “Other Slider Plu­gin Short­co­de” and save the page (only works with temp­la­tes­next the­mes)



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