Crea­te Cus­tom blog page or insert posts in any page as carous­el or masonry blocks. Cate­gory ids can be fil­te­red, means you can disp­lay posts from spe­ci­fic cate­gory or categ­ori­es only. To start fol­low the steps bel­low

1. Open the recent posts short­co­de.
2. Select or fill in desi­red opt­ions

Cate­gory Id (opt­io­nal)  :  Add ids of categ­ori­es to fil­ter, keep it blank for all categ­ori­es (sing­le or com­ma sepa­ra­ted)
Num­ber of item  :  Spe­ci­fy the num­ber of recent posts to show.
Num­ber of columns  :  Spe­ci­fy num­ber of columns.
Show/hide item cate­gory labels  :  Show or hide cate­gory levels.
Show as carous­el  : Show as carous­el or masonry blocks

3 Column Carousel Example :

[tx_blog items=“6” columns=“3” showcat=“hide” category_id=”” carousel=“yes”]

[tx_spacer size=“16”]

2 Column 4 Posts Masonry with pagination Example :

[tx_blog items=“4” columns=“2” showcat=“show” category_id=”” show_pagination=“yes” carousel=“no”]

[tx_spacer size=“16”]

3 Column 6 Item Masonry Example :

[tx_blog items=“6” columns=“3” showcat=“hide” category_id=”” carousel=“no”]

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