This is the first look at Hyundai’s new Int­ra­do con­cept car — due to bow in at the 2014 Gene­va Motor Show. It’s the first car to be design­ed under the company’s latest sty­ling rule­book, dub­bed Flu­i­dic Sculp­tu­re 2.0.

Hyundai’s new design chi­ef, Peter Sch­reyer, told MSN Cars the Int­ra­do defi­ed pige­on­hol­ing. “It is neit­her an SUV, nor a cou­pe, nor a cros­sover,” he said. “I’m not qui­te sure how to cate­go­ri­se it!” Audi Step­pen­wolf — a bit like the Hyun­dai Int­ra­do?

Audi Step­pen­wolf: ins­p­ira­ti­on? That said, MSN Cars rec­kons the Int­ra­do has a hint of squ­as­hed SUV to it — not unli­ke an Audi Step­pen­wolf con­cept car (below right).

Sch­reyer said the Hyun­dai Int­ra­do was design­ed to show­ca­se the company’s latest design direc­ti­on, a new com­pact hydrogen fuel-cell powert­ra­in and the latest light­weight mate­ri­als tech­no­logy.

The hydrogen fuel-cell gub­bins is design­ed to be much smal­ler and ligh­ter than the powert­ra­in in the ix35 Fuel Cell model, which has ente­red low-volume pro­duc­ti­on on a test basis.

Hyun­dai pro­mi­ses the shrun­ken pac­kage brings “the poten­ti­al to chan­ge the way cars are con­struc­ted in the futu­re.” Howe­ver, it is refus­ing to ela­bo­ra­te or rele­a­se more deta­ils of how the Int­ra­do is built until near­er its Gene­va debut in March 2014.

The Int­ra­do takes its name from the unders­ide of an aircraft’s wing, accord­ing to Hyun­dai. “It is not only our new design exp­r­es­si­on, but also a rese­arch pro­ject for our hydrogen dri­vet­ra­in,” added Sch­reyer. “It is not a big car and alt­ho­ugh it’s hard to put in a box, I would say it is clos­er to the spi­rit of an SUV.

It is more lifesty­le than uti­li­ta­ri­an — more for young­er people.”

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