A Lam­borg­hi­ni sour­ce has appa­rently reve­aled that the Ita­li­an supercar firm’s rep­lace­ment for the Gal­lar­do – due next in 2014 – will be called the Hurac­an.

The ins­ider let slip to Auto Exp­ress that the new V10-powered supercar will be called Hurac­an, which is Spa­nish for hur­ri­ca­ne. This is in cont­rast to ear­li­er reports that sugg­es­ted the Gal­lar­do rep­lace­ment would be called the Cabre­ra.

Lam­borg­hi­ni Gal­lar­do pro­duc­ti­on ends as its rep­lace­ment is trai­led On Bing: see pic­tu­res of the Lam­borg­hi­ni Gal­lar­do. The Ita­li­an manu­fac­tu­rer tra­de­mar­ked the Hurac­an name in April 2012 – pre­vi­o­usly asso­ci­a­ted with the Urus SUV con­cept shown at Beij­ing Motor Show last year. It also tra­de­mar­ked Dei­mos at abo­ut the same time.

We expect the Lam­borg­hi­ni Hurac­an to have around 600hp, and fea­tu­re dis­tinct sty­ling cues from the Aven­ta­dor. Lam­borg­hi­ni is anti­ci­pa­ted to reve­al the Hurac­an at next year’s Gene­va Motor Show – and pri­ces will start at around £165,000.

Howe­ver, Lam­borg­hi­ni is noto­ri­o­us for not using the model tit­le everyone thinks it is going to, and at first glance the Hurac­an name appe­ars to be a step away from its tra­di­ti­on of refe­renc­ing bulls and bull­figh­ting in its nomenc­la­tu­re.

But it turns out Hurac­an was also the name of a famous figh­ting bull in Mexi­co, known, in fact, as ‘the bull of the cent­ury’. Sound app­rop­ria­te?

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