For­mu­la E is a new motor racing seri­es beg­in­ning in 2014 that has been set up by the FIA, the same body that governs For­mu­la One. Ins­tead of using petrol-powered race cars howe­ver, For­mu­la E uses all-electric sing­le sea­ters. And des­pi­te the lack of noi­se, the FIA is pro­mi­s­ing the new form of four-wheeled com­pe­tit­ion will be ext­remely exci­ting.

That’s beca­u­se the cham­pi­onship will actu­ally race around the heart of 10 of the world’s major citi­es, inc­lu­ding Lon­don, Beij­ing and Los Ange­les. Can you ima­gi­ne that – a field of bespoke electric racers silently char­ging around cent­ral Lon­don? Awe­some.

The first race is sche­dul­ed for Sep­tem­ber next year, with the sea­son run­ning until June 2015. The grid will be popu­la­ted by 10 teams, each with two dri­vers.

A Lam­borg­hi­ni sour­ce has appa­rently reve­aled that the Ita­li­an supercar firm’s rep­lace­ment for the Gal­lar­do – due next in 2014 – will be called the Hurac­an.

The ins­ider let slip to Auto Exp­ress that the new V10-powered supercar will be called Hurac­an, which is Spa­nish for hur­ri­ca­ne. This is in cont­rast to ear­li­er reports that sugg­es­ted the Gal­lar­do rep­lace­ment would be called the Cabre­ra.

Lam­borg­hi­ni Gal­lar­do pro­duc­ti­on ends as its rep­lace­ment is trai­led On Bing: see pic­tu­res of the Lam­borg­hi­ni Gal­lar­do. The Ita­li­an manu­fac­tu­rer tra­de­mar­ked the Hurac­an name in April 2012 – pre­vi­o­usly asso­ci­a­ted with the Urus SUV con­cept shown at Beij­ing Motor Show last year. It also tra­de­mar­ked Dei­mos at abo­ut the same time.

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