It’s this last brand Alc­raft is tur­ning its attent­ion to first, rei­ma­gi­ning the 2013 model year Range Rover with even more of a Bri­tish spin. Here’s how, accord­ing to Alc­raft design con­sul­tant Matt­hew Humph­ri­es:

We’re ext­remely ple­as­ed with how the Range Rover study has turned out. We’ve made it more ele­g­ant by simp­li­fying the lines and have given it the tim­eless­ness asso­ci­a­ted with the best Bri­tish design.

We’ve also dif­fe­ren­tiated it more from the other Range Rover models and I think we’ve achi­eved a more limousine-like pre­sen­ce whi­le ensuring a deg­ree of clas­sic Bri­tish under­sta­te­ment.”

Whi­le we agree that the re-designed Ran­gie is much simp­ler and more ele­g­ant – the chintzy chro­me has been banis­hed – we have to admit the sty­ling app­ro­ach is more evo­lu­ti­on­ary than revo­lu­ti­on­ary.

But then aga­in, this is the idea behind the new pro­ject in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with the RCA. The RCA has more of an inf­lu­en­ce on modern car design than you might think, too. Many gra­du­a­tes from the ins­ti­tu­ti­on have prog­res­sed into many major car manu­fac­tur­ers’ design depart­ments, inc­lu­ding Paul How­se, who wor­ked on the new McLa­ren P1 hybrid hypercar.

Alc­raft beli­eves there’s a very real oppor­tunity to tar­get tho­se more reser­ved buyers of high-end luxury cars, as com­pany chi­ef exe­cu­tive David Alc­raft expla­ins:

Alt­ho­ugh some cus­to­mers want the­ir cars to make loud per­so­nal sta­te­ments, we beli­eve there’s a gap in the mar­ket for per­so­nal­ising pro­ducts in a way which exp­li­citly respects the­ir brands’ her­i­tage and Bri­tish sty­le. “This is som­eth­ing which is not spe­ci­fi­cally pro­vi­ded for by other com­pa­ni­es. We’re very pri­vi­le­ged to work with the Royal Col­l­e­ge of Art, which has hel­ped us deve­lop this ideo­logy into vehic­le designs.”

Alcraft’s views are bac­ked up by a recent study, which out­li­ned almost half of people asked said they regard Bri­tish sty­le, crafts­mans­hip and her­i­tage in the­ir cho­i­ce of vehic­le as “very impor­tant.” And that’s des­pi­te many res­pon­dents owning non-British brands.

The Alc­raft Motor Com­pany Range Rover study is the first in a num­ber of re-imagined con­cepts that will appear in the futu­re – the com­pany is alre­ady tak­ing cus­to­mer enqu­i­ri­es for visu­al enhan­cements to the Range Rover Sport and Evo­que models, the Land Rover Dis­co­very and the Jagu­ar XF Sport­brake est­a­te.

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