Lexus has rele­as­ed the first tea­se of a new F-branded model – and it looks like the car in quest­ion is a hot vers­ion of last month’s new RC Cou­pe.

The new RC-F will be offi­ci­ally reve­aled at the Det­ro­it Motor Show next month, with the firm pro­mi­s­ing “per­for­mance syno­ny­mous with Lexus’s her­i­tage of F-designated per­for­mance models”.

Tokyo Motor Show 2013 best pro­duc­ti­on cars – Lexus RC Cou­pe New Lexus RC Cou­pe for Tokyo Motor Show 2013. Over the regu­lar RC Cou­pe, which we chec­ked out in deta­il at the Tokyo Motor Show last month, the RC-F appe­ars to get bespoke front wings with uni­que side gills: the multi-spoke alloys are also new.

The front bum­per appe­ars to be new too, with big­ger air inlets to pre­sum­ably feed the car’s upra­ted bra­kes (which you can just see thro­ugh the glitzy alloys). Lexus says this car has been engi­ne­ered from scratch, which is pro­mi­s­ing, and the firm says we won’t have too long to wait until we find out more.

Coin­ci­den­tal­ly, the clock’s tic­king on the launch date of the new BMW M4 too, which will also make its world debut at the Det­ro­it Show next month. Is Lexus pre­pa­ring itself for an unex­pec­ted head to head at the huge US ext­ra­va­gan­za?

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