This is a spe­ci­al short­co­de to crea­te tes­ti­mo­ni­al carous­el and place anyw­he­re wit­hin the page. Can be pla­ced with column too. To start with fol­low the steps bel­low

1. Find menu “Tes­ti­mo­ni­as” bel­low “pages” and “com­ments”.
2. Add few Tes­ti­mo­ni­als.
3. Open the page and place your cur­sor whe­re you want the tes­ti­mo­ni­als carus­el to be pla­ced.
4. Add the tes­ti­mo­ni­al short­co­de and you are done.

The result will be :
[tx_testimonial style=“default”]


The code will look like :

[tx_testimonial style="default"]

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