Quick Start Guide

Step 1. Menu Setup


a. Go to “Appe­arance” > “Men­us”.
b. Crea­te a new menu, add pages and links.
c. Check “Navi­ga­ti­on Menu” check­box and save.

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Step 2. Install Recommended Plugins


a. Go to “Appe­arance” > “Ins­tall Plu­gin”, if recom­men­ded plugins are alre­ady been ins­talled, this menu will not be the­re and you can skip this step.
b. Check “Temp­la­tes­next Tool­kit” and “Bre­adc­rumb NavXT”.
c. Ins­tall and acti­vate.

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Step 3. Create And Set A Front Page


a. Crea­te a page, say “Front Page” and save
b. Go to “Sett­ings” > “Read­ing”
C. Set your newly crea­ted page as sta­tic front page.
d. Do same for blog if you have one.

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Step 4. Add Slider On Front Page


a. Open newly crea­ted “Front page” in edi­tor.
b. Check “Show defa­ult i-excel slider” to show defa­ult slider.
c. For cus­tom slider; Use [tx] > “itrans slider” to gene­ra­te slider short­co­de.
d. Add the short­co­de in “Other slider plu­gin short­co­de” meta field.

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Step 5. Customize Theme Options


a. Go to “Appe­arance” > “Cus­to­mi­ze”.
b. Setup your the­me col­or, logo, layout etc.

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